22 May 2014 20:22:14
is it me? but who the hell wants porter at lane nxt season. I certainly dnt

1.) 23 May 2014
As a 5th striker on a next to nothing wage for a footballer yes of course, it's a no brainer!

2.) 23 May 2014
We should of kept shaun miller for another season at least

3.) 23 May 2014
Moan about porter all you want but he scores important goals e. g. Stevenage play off semi final, two goals against forest to put us in FA Cup quarter final, plenty of last minute goals this season that have won us games and was top goalscorer this season with 11 goals

4.) 23 May 2014
Exactly, you find me another striker who will be willing to be a reserve player who's as good as Porter and on as low wages as Porter will be on then yes I'd be alright with him leaving. In the mean time get off his back and give him credit for being the top goal scorer last season.